I’m Postdoctoral Fellow (*) in the Department of Comparative Politics of the University of Bergen, Norway.
Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 19.47.46.jpgI got a PhD in Political Science from LUISS University. My doctoral dissertation – supervised by Prof. Leonardo Morlino – explored the non-economic and contextual determinants of electoral accountability in eleven Central and Eastern European EU member States.

I was a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Government and IR of the University of Sydney to work with the Electoral Integrity Project directed by Prof. Pippa Norris (Harvard and Sydney Universities). I was also Visiting Researcher at GESIS European Data Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (EUROLAB) in Cologne, Germany. My research interests include the quality of democracy, elections, voting behaviour, policy responsiveness and political representation.

During the Postdoc at UiB I plan to further extend my research interests, focusing also on the individual- and country-level determinants of responsiveness in comparative perspective.

On this website you’ll find information about recent my activities, research, interests, and blog posts on Italian politics and beyond.